Coping Skills

Humans can utilize thought, emotion, or behavior to manage stressful experiences or change. Styles of coping can differ based on the significant life event and the person who is affected by it. Instrumental or problem-focused coping mechanisms will directly deal with the issue to reduce stress, whereas emotion-focused strategies focus on your feelings toward the change. Active coping requires awareness of your triggers and consciously choosing to reduce your reactions. Avoidant coping can temporarily stall the stressor with a distraction to avoid the issue. Talking through your stressors with a support system like us can be effective in gaining awareness of your reactions. We provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for you to explore your preferred coping skills and to develop beneficial stress management techniques.

Here are 40 coping strategies adults can use to manage stress and anxiety:

  1. Take a walk
  2. Listen to favorite music
  3. Do something for someone else
  4. Play a card game
  5. Take a nap
  6. Sip a coffee/beverage in the park
  7. Do something creative – draw or color in, knit or build something with your hands
  8. Take something apart that needs fixing
  9. Gaze at the stars
  10. Do an activity that you have always wanted to do
  11. Watch some funny animal clips
  12. Take some deep breaths and listen to the sound it makes
  13. Write a letter
  14. Declutter a room
  15. Do things that relax the mind
  16. Listen to an interesting/inspiring podcast
  17. Plan spectacular holiday for friends or family
  18. Phone an aunt or cousin
  19. Get a massage
  20. Play an instrument
  21. Clean out your wardrobe and give what you don’t want to charity
  22. Write a card to a friend
  23. Do a mindless chore
  24. Buy a bunch of flowers
  25. Watch some videos
  26. Start a new hobby
  27. Squeeze a stress ball
  28. Do some physical activity such as gardening
  29. Call a friend
  30. Give someone a hand
  31. Start a puzzle
  32. Do some stretching or join a class
  33. Watch a movie
  34. Write your thoughts in a journal
  35. Do a crossword or word-search
  36. Cook something to share
  37. Light a scented candle and watch the flame dance
  38. Head to the beach, the mountains or a national park
  39. Listen to a mindfulness app
  40. Get a facial or manicure
  41. Visit a museum or gallery

BIRRT Testimonials

I went into my BIRRT appointment a bit skeptically. I have tried several treatments for my PTSD with no improvement and I was willing to try just about anything to start feeling better. I was not healthy and struggled with anxiety and occasional insomnia, and overwhelming fatigue. I felt better almost immediately after I finished my session and the feeling has continued for months! I can fall asleep and stay asleep at night, I don’t have flashbacks, my anxiety has improved and I just feel better overall. I would 100% recommend Well Spring Counseling and their BIRRT method to anyone struggling.
Jen Y
I feel good…lighter…a little bit more relaxed and peaceful. I feel a lot lighter…very relaxed…very responsible (in a good way) to help my younger sisters to understand their value. I’m excited about doing the next BIRRT! It’s been years since I’ve felt this peaceful!
H. F.
Well, I'm a little bit biased. I'm an intern here, and I think this place is awesome! It was worth moving to Idaho Falls from two states away to learn from Bob and his team! I've been doing social work since 2008 and have worked for many agencies. I love the approach here. They're sensitive and put people before dollars. They use something called a miracle list, which helps you continually work on your best self, and makes it easy to see your improvement and track progress. Bob modified a therapeutic approach and created BIRRT (Brief Imagery Rescripting and Reprocessing therapy). I'm currently compiling the research to make this a renowned best practice for working with trauma and/or PTSD. It shows a huge promise, and from the comments of clients I've seen (Bob's done over 750 BIRRT sessions) they report feeling lighter, peace, anger/blame-free, a new connection with their higher power, and optimism moving forward! Most people report not knowing that they could feel so good. I think it's a great place to work, where they keep people first and foremost.
Riley Murdock
I feel peace…tired! It’s been years since I felt this peaceful and relaxed! I didn’t think it was possible to feel this good this fast. I feel relief….hopeful and happy….I’m happy and more alive. I took the PTSD 30 again today, just to see where I am. I am at 1.04, which is really remarkable, having started at 4.3…my husband has noticed a lot of change in me for the better. I’m happier and healthier than I’ve been in a long time. I came from out of state and it was well worth it! I wish everyone who needed it could get BIRRT. I have been able to put things into perspective; that was amazing to me.
J. K.
Because of BIRRT, I have more self-assurance to fulfill my mission. I can see much better. I have more of a reason to serve than before. My anxiety level is decreased. I don’t feel pressure from the event anymore. The future is clearer and I’ve figured out more of what I want and who I want to be.
B. P.

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