Intimate bonds are vital to happiness and wellbeing. By feeling isolated from others physically or emotionally, the feeling of loneliness may creep in and overtake your happiness. It’s common to be physically close to others, yet lonely, because there is no intimacy, trust, or connection, or because they are unfamiliar to you. It’s also common to be emotionally close with some, yet have feelings of loneliness from lacking a specific type of bond, like a partner or pet. Loneliness has a significant impact on your health and may contribute to sickness and anxiety. It can age you more quickly, yet social pain makes you more likely to isolate yourself out of fear of rejection. We offer you tools and resources to find the root of your isolation and to connect with others authentically, with the goal of dissolving this heavy feeling. We can help you be happy regardless of your situation or what’s happening around you. You don’t have to feel lonely.

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